Bespoke Garden Design

What does your garden mean to you? Is it the space where you relax and unwind, where you entertain guests, or where you nurture your favourite plants? The truth is, the perfect garden means something different to everybody – so the only true way to have a garden that reflects your tastes and needs is with bespoke garden design.

As bespoke garden planners, the Oxbow team focus on working out how best our designs can fulfil the briefs that are given to us by you. With each of our design options, you fill out our bespoke service questionnaire – and depending which package you choose, there is also the opportunity to have further input via a telephone consultation or site visits conducted by the Oxbow team.

Get the Garden Features that Mean the Most to You

Bespoke garden design isn’t just an optional extra, it’s inherent in every job that we do. That’s because we want you – and your family, friends, or clients if it’s a commercial property – to be the ones that are most satisfied by the garden design that we create, regardless of which package or service option you choose. After all, if the garden isn’t going to be tailored to your specifications, why should you be expected to have it constructed and then live with it?

However, all this isn’t to say that our design team takes a back seat and expects you to do the work of coming up with ideas and suggestions. Instead, the questionnaire that we use asks questions that will give our design team a sense of what you like, what you enjoy, how you intend to use your garden, and then they apply their knowledge and experience to turn those gems of information into ideas and, ultimately, a practical plan for your garden.

Our bespoke garden designers have years of experience, and take a real sense of pride in their work – so you can feel sure that no matter what information you give them, they’ll be able to weave it into a beautiful design that really feels right for your garden.

Bespoke Garden Planners for Commercial Properties

While much of our design work focuses on domestic properties, we can also create excellent designs full of creativity for your business or other commercial landscaping needs. Of course, just as with a home, every business is unique – and this is why the bespoke element of the design is so essential. Only you know what makes your customers, or your employees, tick, so it’s essential that you have some input on the process.

Whether you’re looking to make your outside space more appealing – and enticing – for passers-by, landscape a perfect outdoors entertainment area for a hospitality business, or create an attractive garden for your employees to enjoy during breaks, the most important thing is that it appeals to the right audience. So, rather than generic garden features that look like any other company, bespoke garden design will give that extra special something that ensures that even the exterior of your property is on brand.

Contact Oxbow Today for Services Across Cheshire and Manchester

Based in Bolton, we are able to serve clients across the Cheshire and Manchester areas, spreading our wings far and wide to ensure that those of you who would like to reshape your garden are able to do so with style and ease. It is always a pleasure speaking to new clients and potential clients, so if you would like to find out more before choosing your package then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The Oxbow team will be more than happy to talk you through the options, our process and answer any other questions that you may have.