Contemporary Garden Design in Cheshire and the United Kingdom

While there’s no right or wrong way to style your garden – it’s your space, after-all – the majority of our clients come to us looking for a contemporary garden design: something which simultaneously embraces the latest landscaping trends and appeals to the unique tastes of the homeowners. This means that keeping our experienced design team in the loop when it comes to the most recent trends and design developments is something which we see as absolutely essential in order to give you the service that you deserve.

A Range of Tastes and Styles

So what does contemporary garden design really mean? It’s not about prescribing a certain look that every modern garden should have, but rather about bringing together a series of trends, techniques and style ideas to give a contemporary feel. This means that your modern garden could still have that rustic, country cottage feel – it will simply incorporate updated features such as the use of lighting, colour contrast and structure.

Of course, that said, there are some particularly popular trends that we’ve picked up on:

  • Simple hues, with an emphasis on natural greens and neutral whites, are winning out over more vibrant bursts of colour, with brighter shades being introduced as accent colours
  • Hardscaping – which is to say, the man-made features of your garden such as steps, a path or a paved seating area – is becoming the most important element of the design. When it comes to the style of these features, we’re seeing orderly minimalism and simple materials, as well as a lot of geometric shapes; this corresponds nicely with a similar contemporary interior design trend.
  • The effort required to maintain the garden’s look is becoming increasingly important, as people want attractive gardens that won’t interfere with their hectic lifestyles. Without so many plants to take care of, homeowners are finding that a professionally designed garden is a lot less hassle to look after than they might have thought.
  • Water features are back, albeit with a contemporary twist. The current trend is for water features that have been designed to look deliberate rather than natural.

As we said, these aren’t supposed to be the rules defining what a modern garden should look like – they’re simply the modern trends which anybody looking for contemporary garden design should be aware of. When it comes to our own design work, though, you’re the boss, and we place our main emphasis on the features and design ideas that inspire you.

Create a Space of Your Own

One thing which contemporary garden design particularly excels at is creating a serene space in which it is easy to let go of the hassle of day to day life and have some breathing space. While some people love the experience of tending their garden – in which case a more traditional garden design may well be more for you – if you simply want somewhere to relax and enjoy the occasional British sunshine then a contemporary exterior style is probably just what you’re looking for.

And, when it comes to creating contemporary gardens in Cheshire and Manchester, we think our team are second to none. After all, we have the experience, the understanding and the know-how to bring it all together, and we’re great listeners who know how to get a sense of what our clients want. In fact, if you want to tell us what you’re looking for in your new garden design then you can head over to our design questionnaire page and lay out your likes and dislikes ready for our designers to get to work. While we certainly consider contemporary design to be one of our specialities, the team will rise to the hat your tastes – and with a range of different design services to choose from we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Call us on 01204 460 369 to find out more.