Garden Design Options

ServiceOption AOption BOption C
Garden Survey completed by client

Client to complete online questionnaire, provide measurements and submit photographs
Initial site visit and garden survey completed by Oxbow

Oxbow to visit site, take measurements and photographs and complete garden survey during meeting with client
3 X sketch proposal designs

Oxbow to provide three separate drawings providing ideas and plans for your garden project within 31 days of receipt of payment. Drawn to scale 1:50
Phone call to discuss sketch designs

Telephone conference call between client and Oxbow to discuss the three sketch proposal designs, and client to decide which design or elements of each design to include in the final drawing
Onsite meeting to discuss sketch proposals

Oxbow to visit site to discuss sketch proposals with client. Client to decide which design or elements of each design to include in final drawing.
1 X Final design

Drawn up, 1:50 scale, hand drawn, fully labelled, produced within 14 days of conference call/site meeting
Full costing breakdown

Full detailed transparent costing breakdown, including metre squaring of areas and materials and providing a full breakdown of the work required in the construction of the project
Planting ideas

Planting ideas to include information on form, function, colour and suggested species
Full planting schedule

Detailed plant list indicating plant species, numbers of plants required, plant positions. Document can be used for submission to nurseries for ordering/quotation purposes
Site visit to present Final Design, costing and planting schedule

Oxbow to visit site to present Final design drawingin both electronic and paper format, costing and planting schedule. Full meeting to discuss any further questions/issues relating to the project.
3D Model of final design

Digital 3D model of final design, providing client with an indication of the spacial arrangement of the garden.

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