Garden Design in Cheshire

Cheshire is a wonderful county, and everybody who lives here is lucky to experience the peace, quiet and sumptuous scenery of some of our great parks, woodlands and other rural locations. But, sometimes you just want to experience some of that great plant life and relaxing atmosphere from the comfort of your own home, stretching out in your garden and getting the same effect as heading to a nearby beauty spot. As garden designers in Cheshire, this is the sort of effect that we aim to create for our clients – focussing on your tastes and preferences to create a garden which allows you to experience the delights of your neighbourhood without leaving the house.

Our professional garden design in Cheshire is also great for those of you who like to entertain friends and relatives – and summer garden parties are really uplifted by a garden that is designed to be both practical and delightful for all the senses. Contemporary garden design is also an excellent way to improve the value of your property, so you can consider it an investment for the future as well as a way to improve your living environment.

We’re happy to provide our landscaping across Cheshire, however some of the key areas that we work in are:


Alderley Edge






Contemporary Garden Design to Suit Your Style

As professional designers, one of the things that the Oxbow team will never do is try to push their own subjective preferences onto your garden! Instead, we focus on getting a deep understanding of the sort of garden design that you – and your family – enjoy, using our own creative abilities to bring your preferences to life.

With this in mind, please take a look at our design questionnaire; even if you’re not quite ready to submit your own answers or would like to ask us a few questions before you do (feel free to contact us and find out more!), this should give you a clearer sense of just how rigorous our process really is. By asking about the problems with your current garden, how you intend to use your garden and, of course, design preferences such as colours and plants. This gives us a real insight into how you enjoy your garden, and what style you’re looking for.

Commercial Landscaping in Cheshire

 The Oxbow team can also work on garden designs for commercial properties, including hospitality businesses such as pubs and restaurants which may have specific requirements for outside seating and play areas for children, as well as offices, stores and even hotels. We can help you instil a sense of luxury into your property and appeal to your clients, while still staying within your budget – and if you’d like to include any structures such as gazebo areas or even a statue in your contemporary garden design then that can also be incorporated.

Simply put, Oxbow are the professional garden designers in Cheshire that don’t just work for you, but with you, to ensure that everything is designed just the way you like it, and you’re able to use your professional design to have the perfect garden constructed at your home or commercial property. We also bring our own design knowledge and expertise to the table, so that if you know what you want but not how to achieve it we can provide everything you need for exceptional landscaping in Cheshire.

Taking the beauty of one of our favourite counties as the starting point, and filling in the details with your needs and desires – that’s the Oxbow way. So contact us today if you’d like to benefit from our garden design in Cheshire.

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