Garden Design in Chester

Those of you who live in Chester will already know what a wonderful setting this historic city offers, so we won’t bore you by raving on about its charm and beauty – what we will say, though, is that we think that bespoke garden design in Chester is a great way to ensure that your own home can conjure up that same atmospheric mood.

For the traditionalists among you, that might mean incorporating Roman features that reflect the Roman heritage which still plays a huge part in both the structure and the aesthetic of the city, and with the geometric shapes and hardscaping that were so popular in Ancient Rome recently seeing a huge revival, this would actually be an excellent way to embrace both the heritage of your city and the most contemporary garden design trends.

However, we don’t think that capturing the atmosphere of your setting necessarily needs to be quite so literal: instead, it can be as simple as finding features and design elements that recreate the mood that drew you to the setting in the first place. So, if you love Chester for the peace and quiet of walking along the river on a brisk Autumn morning, then our designers can create a garden which uses neutral colours and materials as well a soothing water to create a sense of calm. Alternatively, if you love the hubbub of a busy Saturday morning, you might prefer your garden design in Chester to make use of plenty of vibrant colours and feel lively and exciting.

The point is, you choose where you live based on a number of different factors that are personal to you and your family – and your garden design should be no different, capturing whatever it is that you love most about spending time in the great outdoors.

A Practical Space that Suits You

While it’s the aesthetic look of a garden that probably immediately springs to mind when you think of design, it is equally important to ensure that the space is practical and will suit your everyday life. When our garden designers in Chester set to work on a project, they’ll typically consider a number of relevant factors, such as:

  • How much effort is required to grow and maintain the plants that they are incorporating into the design. If you are a green fingered gardener and you want to be involved in the upkeep of your garden then we can plan accordingly – likewise, if you’d rather let the plants do most of the work themselves we can find a low maintenance design.
  • How you plan to use the space. Do you throw a lot of garden parties? Have children that need to get out and play? Or maybe your garden is where you head for a bit of quiet time, with nothing but the birds to disturb you. However you use your garden, the design will need to incorporate appropriate features to make life easier for you.
  • When you fill in our design questionnaire, we’ll also ask about any potential issues such as pest issues, drainage issues or security issues which might affect your garden. Be as detailed as you can and our designers will be able to work around the problems creating a more practical final design.

Garden Designers in Chester who Truly Love their Craft

People often ask us what we think sets the Oxbow team apart, and although we could easily talk about experience, knowledge and expertise we think that possibly the most important factor of all is their real love for the work. We also love the Chester area, so it’s always a delight for the team to work on garden design and landscaping in Chester and the surrounding towns. This passion for the craft comes across in each and every design that we create.

If all of that sounds like just what you’ve been looking for then we’d love to hear from you: call 01204 460 369, contact us here or take a look at the other locations we cover.

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