Garden Design in Manchester

In amongst the urban Greater Manchester area there are little pockets of green – beautiful suburbs with some stunning scenery and lots of natural life. With a professionally designed garden, you can experience this same beauty at your own Manchester home: your favourite plants, landscaping designs and bespoke garden structures all brought together in a design that just feels right for you.

Based in Bolton, Oxbow Garden & Landscape Design are well placed to serve customers as garden designers across the Manchester area, providing a range of different design packages that will ensure that your new garden is perfect for you and your family.

Some of the key areas that we operate in are listed below, however we’re also available for domestic and commercial garden design across Manchester as well as throughout Cheshire, so even if you don’t see your hometown listed we can probably still serve your needs.








The Oxbow Process

As garden designers in Manchester, we focus on getting as much relevant information as we can before starting, to ensure that the design we create is optimised to your tastes and needs. This allows us to create a contemporary garden design which matches up to your expectations and can be fulfilled by your budget. By using our design questionnaire, you are able to let us know everything from how much you’re hoping to spend to the plants that you like and dislike, to the sort of activities or entertainment that you enjoy in your garden.

After that, our team set to work, bringing your ideas and preferences to life in a beautiful design or set of designs that landscape gardeners in Manchester can then create at your home. You also have the option of being involved further in the design process, as several of our packages allow consultations and further refinement, welcoming your input.

Landscaping for Manchester Businesses

We don’t just work on family gardens and domestic properties; the Oxbow team is also well equipped to put together designs that will work well for your business. Whether you need your commercial garden area to be appropriate for recreational activities and entertainment, or you simply want it to be attractive and appealing for the guests that visit, you’ll get the same personal treatment that we give to all of our clients – as well as the confidence which comes from knowing that you’re working with a professional team.

In charge of this team is Ian Murray, a professional with 24 years of experience to his name as well as well as a number of professional achievements including the British Association of Landscape Industries Principal Award, received in 2005. Of course, while prestigious awards such as this are always a great boost to the team’s morale, in reality we’re just as proud of every garden design that we’ve seen successfully implemented for our clients.

Any Questions? Contact Our Team Today

If you’re definitely interested in garden design in Manchester, but you’re still not quite sure which option to go for, or have some questions to discuss before you make your decision then that’s fine. You can give us a call on 01204 460 369 or use our online contact form: either way, we will get back to you as quickly as we can, chat to you about the project that you are going forward with, discuss your options, and let you know how the Oxbow team could help.

As with all design projects, when working as garden designers in Manchester, our team focusses on balancing the functions that your garden needs with the style and mood that you’re looking for and, finally, ensuring that it complements the location in which your home is situated.